History of Center City Authority:

In a unanimous vote on Monday, May 12, 2008, the Midland City Council approved the creation of the Corridor Improvement Authority for the Center City commercial district which includes S. Saginaw Rd. from Manor St. just north of Ashman Circle south to Patrick Rd. and Washington St. from Cambridge south to Patrick. The council agreed there was tremendous support for this based on the results of the property owner petition drive in which approximately 75% indicated their support. Many council members also received phone calls and letters from their constituents, business owners and other interested citizens in support of the creation of the Authority. The City of Midland appointed members to the board in August 2008.

The board is responsible for ongoing analysis, short- and long-term planning, marketing, event coordination, promotion and the construction, rehabilitation, preservation and reconstruction of buildings and facilities within the district. The board consists of seven members, including the City Manager. Appointed members will initially serve staggered terms of one to four years, after which all terms will be for four years. Applicants should own property or operate a business in the district or reside within .5 miles of the district boundaries.